Google launches smart app that lets your phone tighten Nike shoelaces for you

Nike has released £300 basketball trainers with self-tying shoelaces – just like from Back to the Future films.

The sportswear company's latest shoes, Nike Adapt BB 2.0, now work with Google Assistant.

It has built-in Bluetooth tech which allows users to tighten their laces on command via Google's voice recognition on Android smartphones.

In Back to the Future II, Marty McFly was given the light-up shoes by Dr Emmett Brown and used them during a hoverboard chase while escaping from Griff's gang.

Nike has said that its self-lacing basketball trainers can now be tightened on command by saying: "Hey Google, tighten my shoes."

After installing the app, athletes who are too involved in a game or do not want to stop on a run can simply say that into their phone.

The Times reported it is an upgrade to Nike's self-tying basketball trainers released last year, which could be adjusted by pressing buttons on the shoe or the app.

Nike started work on self-lacing trainers in 2005 but the early prototypes had to be plugged into the mains.

Four years ago the company released a limited edition that cost $720 and was based on the shoes worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II.

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In the 1989 film Michael J Fox's character travels to 2015 and slips on a pair of basketball trainers that automatically tighten. "Power laces! All right," he says.

The latest shoes, Nike Adapt BB 2.0, cost £300 and now work with Google Assistant. They require charging every fortnight and use wires that lengthen and shorten in place of traditional laces.

It is hoped that future models could autonomously loosen or tighten according to blood pressure.

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