Google Maps censors mystery Nuke Island sparking wild conspiracy theories

Curious Google Maps users have been left wondering why a Nuclear Island in the southern Pacific Ocean has been partly censored in its latest satellite imagery.

Imagery shows the left side of the island, which is located in Moruroa in French Polynesia but has blurred out the other half.

Although it is not clear why only some of the island has been hidden with a blue blob, some have speculated that it is due to some shady secret connected to the place's famous history of nuclear testing.

Between the years 1966 and 1996 France undertook testing on the atoll which led to a whopping 181 tests performed during that time.

Testing at the site was put to a halt in 1996 after then-French president Jacques Chirac ordered for the nuclear testing facilities to be disassembled.

At the time president Chirac said live on the radio: "The safety of our country and of our children is assured", as he commented on his reasons for putting a stop to testing on the Island.

It is believed that some of the explosions were 200 times the strength of the bombs planted on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945, reports The Sun.

Staggering research by Greenpeace discovered that it contaminated the water as far as Peru and New Zealand, with high radiation levels of 12 millirems.

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The Island, which is off-limits to visitors, is still guarded by French troops due to safety concerns – which could explain why it is partly hidden by Google.

In 2018, the French government requested that Google pulled all images of its prisons and other sensitive sites from the web following an incident at a French prison.

The government issued the order after a bold escape from convicts saw a helicopter fly into the courtyard in a prison near Paris.

It is believed that the infamous killer Redoine Faid and his accomplices used Google Maps as a blueprint to identify their way around Reau prison.

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