Google Maps user captures avalanche on mountainside in stunning aerial shot

A Google Maps user was left in awe when they stumbled across an avalanche crashing down a mountain side.

The screenshot posted by kindofalurker10 to the subreddit 'Mountaineering' shows an epic shot of snow falling down the face of a huge mountain.

Although the user didn't specify what the mountain was, some sleuths in the comments were able to work out it was the Karakoram mountains on the Pakistan-China boarder".

"Google maps caught an avalanche," the Reddit user wrote.

A number of fellow users have been left gobsmacked by the snap.

"So I’m not the only one that stares at mountains on google earth, nice," one user joked.

Another said: "I could stare at some maps all damn day."

One fan of the image suggested that the "spooky" avalanche looked like a fist.

"It looks like a fist. Spooky," they wrote.

A second daredevil user responded: "I've thought of going up mountains like that. Like, you're standing in the palm of an open hand. As you go up, the hand starts to close. The goal is to get up and down before it become a fist and squishes you."

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The image has been reacted to over 500 times on the Mountaineering subreddit.

In other Google Maps finds, a user spotted a mysterious obelisk and markers in the middle of the Mexican desert.

The screenshot, posted by Reverse_Baptism to the subreddit 'Google Maps Oddities', shows a towering, four-sided, narrow monument in the middle of the desert.

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Four markers can be seen lined up next to the monument.

"Found this strange monument in the middle of the Mexican desert," the Reddit user wrote.

"It isn't marked on Google Maps and I was only able to locate it using this one street view photo.

"It's miles from anything and I have no clue what it's for, a cursory search of Google didn't bring anything up and I can't find any other photos."

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