Google street view for Loch Ness leaves Twitter in hysterics with X-rated snap

Google Maps has changed our lives mostly for the better, but sometimes it glitches and provides the best form of entertainment or in some cases bizarre photos.

In one recent example, street view fans searching for Nessie stumbled across something in an entirely different genre when they headed to Google Maps.

The famous Loch Ness monster, a mythical creature avid folklore fans are convinced is hiding beneath the waters, is said to be home in the freshwater lake.

One Twitter user searched 'loch ness' in the app and clicked street view only to be met with a photo he was unprepared for – an x-rated image of a naked man.

Baffled by the glitch, he shared it with followers online who were in hysterics – with one saying it's all 'what the internet is about'.

The user claims the street view option that appears in Google Maps was bugged with another unknown location where a naked man is standing outside.

In the left hand of the screen, an apartment appears instead of the waters famed for the Loch Ness monster folklore.

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And when the street view was clicked, viewers were transported to a somewhat different take of Nessie than what they had in mind. Using the software, he scrolled around and came face-to-face with the now viral internet sensation.

It appears the gentleman, grinning, is taking a sexy photo with a selfie stick.

He's standing in the buff on a patio with loungers and chairs behind him.

Through the windows, there seems to be a pool and another person soaking up the sun (although fully clothed).

When users search Loch Ness, various stunning images of the countryside come up. With ancient ruins, green hillsides, and lush views – but this racy photo was definitely mismatched.

Others have joked about seeing the 'Loch Ness C******r' after trying it out for themselves.

The tweet bringing it to attention said: "Public announcement. Search 'loch ness' in Google Maps, and click on the street view (I apologise in advance.)"

In reaction to the find, one person wrote: "That's no man… that's Nessie," before another responded: "If that's Nessie I wish we never found him."

However, some Google Maps users claim the photo has been taken down and it didn't work, with others telling them "Lucky you, it worked for me," with crying emojis.

Theories claim street view has been temporarily disabled in the location after letting the cat out of the bag.

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