Great white shark smashes into camera as predator shows off powerful jaws

A stunning video shows a great white shark just millimetres away from a camera she is trying to bite while being recorded by a team of scientists.

In the clip, recorded at Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, the gigantic shark circles the camera in the murky waters, clearly curious.

She prowls so close to the equipment that the individual scars are visible on her body, including one on her dorsal fin.

Suddenly, the shark lunges forward and collides with the camera, giving an impressive view of her jaws.

The camera, set up by OCEARCH and the Ocean First Institute, is baited to attract the mysterious apex predators.

Describing the footage, Dr Mikki McComb-Kobza said: "She really was interested in the bait.

"She was circling, giving it the look over.

"She started to bump the cage, give it a couple of little bites and it was exciting to look at it and imagine ‘what is she thinking?’"

OCEARCH catches and tags great white sharks before releasing them back into the ocean, allowing them to track the sharks and learn about their migratory patterns.

In the caption with the clip, the organisation said: "Collaborating scientists from Ocean First Institute captured some awesome footage of a female white shark on an underwater camera rig called a BRUV.

"Though we did not catch a shark on this day, the BRUV lets us know we were looking in the right spot."

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The stunning footage has been watched more than 17,000 times since it was uploaded by OCEARCH on Facebook – leaving shark fans very excited.

One admirer commented: "Very spry shark!"

"That’s awesome," enthused another viewer.

Sounding wistful, a third commentator said: "I would love to be on board… any need for ex-Navy Marine Engineer?"

This comes after a gang of great white sharks were found to be hunting "together", leaving scientists baffled because the ocean beasts usually feed alone.

And OCEARCH previously captured a 13-ft long monster shark called Vimy whose own battle scars showed that he had been attacked by an even great white.

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