Grey squirrel cheats death on train tracks in a daring stunt for a sausage roll

A grey squirrel's death-defying antics to steal a sausage roll won it the respect of many Brits when the footage was shared on Reddit.

In the clip, filmed from a train station platform by a passenger, the bold animal is hopping over the tracks with a whole sausage roll in its mouth.

The fluffy-tailed bandit makes it across one set of railway tracks and then stops and hesitates on the final one.

Its tail quivers and it then darts to safety less than a second before a train comes thundering past on the tracks on the very spot where it was sitting.

The comments section on Reddit, where the clip was uploaded by u/SFVe on Saturday (November 27) was quickly filled with jokes and puns.

Many people pointed out the American native animal's apparent fondness for a British pastry staple.

One viewer joked: "And they say grey squirrels aren't native to Britain."

A second user quipped: "He's in his nest now reverse-engineering the recipe before making his way back to the Americas where he will make his fortune marketing it as the 'puff dog.'"

"Not just risking its life but also a £1,000 fine," someone else commented.

Another user wrote: "I too struggle to stay on track with my sausage roll addiction."

This comes after a "well-hung and ripped" squirrel with a six-pack left people feeling both impressed and afraid when a photo of it went viral.

Sarah Lenzenhuber, who photographed the critter, said: "I saw him while out walking my dog, did a double-take, and then doubled over laughing.

"I wasn't sure if I should post it anywhere but then my grade school sense of humour got the best of me."

And a dad spotted a one-in-a-million albino squirrel in his garden and managed to take a photo of it.

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