Grinning teenager had sex in front of families on beach after umbrella attack

A teenager who grinned in her mugshot was arrested for having sex on a beach "in front of families" after allegedly smacking her mate with an umbrella.

Anastazia Cretcher, 19, and Alexander Dillman, 26, were arrested after lifeguards reported seeing them having sex "in front of families and other beachgoers" on Monday afternoon in Daytona Beach, Florida, according to a police report.

The Smoking Gun cited a lifeguard who reported that Cretcher and Dillman had "intercourse for approximately 15 minutes" near his watchtower.

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An arrest affidavit cites another lifeguard who said he "observed the male erect penis penetration the female's vagina".

Cretcher and Dillman left the beach after being contacted by one of the lifeguards.

But the amorous couple were picked up after a sheriff’s deputy spotted them nearby on a stairwell still in "in complete nudity".

In the reports Cretcher denied having sex on the sand and told investigators they "left the beach to find somewhere more private" for their intimate tryst.

But police were not convinced and both Cretcher and Dillman are now charged with indecent exposure and were booked into the Volusia County jail.

Dillman was also charged with resisting arrest for allegedly refusing to get in a squad car.

Cretcher is facing an aggravated battery count for an earlier incident Monday during which she allegedly struck a female acquaintance with a metal beach umbrella tube.

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That woman had told officers Cretcher had been "belligerent and exposed herself to beachgoers all day".

In spite of her years, it appears the teenager's history with the law keeps going with a report in May saying Cretcher was arrested following a bloody altercation with a male friend at a Daytona Beach resort.

That man had informed police his relationship with Cretcher "has been of a sexual nature as they film adult videos together, however neither party views their relationship as dating".

He went on to say she had bitten him in the groin and punched him in the head. While the bite "caused significant injury to his genitals," the victim told police that he "did not believe it caused any permanent damage".

Battery and aggravated assault charges were dropped when prosecutors declined to pursue a case against Cretcher, who recently moved to Florida from her family's Ohio home.

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