Ground-breaking sex doll factory hints at stunning ability to make robots ‘glow’

The sex robot industry is leading the way in synthetic biology through ever increasing sophisticated tech and through an abundance of creative minds working in the sector.

And just when you think the creators at US manufacturer RealDoll can go no further with their epic designs and manufacturing they some how manage to release dolls even more ground breaking.

RealDoll has established itself as one of the dominant forces in the sex robot market, producing the most advanced dolls that feel and look like humans.

In a recent post on social media the company hinted about the technology it uses to break the boundaries of realism.

Writing on its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages the company said: "Beauty marks and tasteful makeup aren't the only things that make our dolls glow, can you guess what else? #realdoll"

The post seemed to suggest that the company has little tricks up its sleeves to help make the dolls skin "glow", allowing the sex robot's complexion to respond to light in a similar way to humans.

Fans of the company commented on the posts and put their own theory's forward for how RealDoll achieves the glow.

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One person commented: "Special flesh toned skin that not only absorbs ambient light yet also reflects throughout, radiantly."

Another person suggested: "Either good lighting or the extra care that goes into creating each one."

"An incredibly talented staff. Great work!" added another follower.

On Twitter one person commented: "Glow in the dark spray tan."

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While the company did not revealed how its done most people agreed that it was some sort of spray that helps reflect and absorb light.

Based in San Marcos, California, the US, it works alongside Abyss Creations to create machines with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Its elite sex robots are equipped with X-mode, an integrated AI system.

RealDoll is currently working on a new system which will offer three interchangeable faces for one robot – and three potentially different personalities.

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