Halloween havoc as youths deliberately set fires as carnage ensues in Scotland

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    There was Halloween havoc on October 31 as youths set fire to a road before launching fireworks into the inferno.

    The dangerous behaviour forced emergency services to be called to Balgowan Avenue in Dundee, Scotland, after an incident was reported at around 5.30pm.

    In what is meant to be a celebration where children scour the area for sweets as they trick or treat, those plans had to be put to a halt following the incidents that occurred.

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    The arrival of the The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as well as a Police Scotland helicopter circling above the area meant that locals were urged to avoid the area due to the dangerous state of the scene, the Daily Record reported.

    Frightening videos and pictures recording the scene showed as four separate fires were blocking the road.

    Stunned passers-by were seen in the footage as they watched the destruction took place with fireworks thought to be thrown across the road into the inferno before they subsequently exploded in the blaze.

    Alex Walker, from Dundee, was a witness to the horrifying scenes as he was forced to escape the area by driving on the pavement due to the fires on the road.

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    Alex said: "I was driving home along Balgowan Avenue and spotted the fire in the distance expecting it to be up in the grassy hill.

    "It was only when I got close that I realised it was multiple bits of fire in the various parts of the road. They literally blocked off three junctions.

    "They were throwing fireworks across the road onto the fires and they were exploding.

    "I had to stop and work out how to get away from it and that was when I took the photo.

    "I drove up onto the grassy central reservation and over onto the other side of the road and the drove away from it.

    "There has been helicopters flying overhead since. Not the sort of thing you would expect to see on a Monday night in Dundee. It will be bonfire night at the weekend. I dread to think what that will be like."

    There were numerous reports that stated bricks were thrown at cars as well as people jumping on vehicles.

    There was also an image appearing to show several youths destroying windows at a nearby school.

    An ongoing incident in the Kirkton area was confirmed by Police Scotland as Brandon Cook from STV shared pictures on his Twitter page, writing: "Police are dealing with ongoing incidents in the Kirkton area of Dundee.

    "Videos show roads blocked by fires, cars being damaged, riot police, fireworks being launched towards vehicles. Pictures show smashed windows."

    The leader of Dundee City Council, John Alexander, took to Facebook and expressed his views on what had happened Halloween, calling it "reckless behaviour".

    He posted: "This isn't just a wee bonfire. Blocking roads with bins ablaze, smashing up cars and damaging our schools are scenes that you'd expect in an action movie or war-torn nation.

    "I'm shocked but more than that, I'm angry. This reckless behaviour endangers lives, with emergency vehicles unable to pass on Balgowan Avenue and it costs residents and every taxpayer money."


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