Harry and Meghan labelled one-trick pony and Netflix doc just reality TV

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's repeated critique of the Royal Family is making them come across as "one trick ponies" while their Netflix docuseries is merely reality TV, according to an iconic Hollywood magazine.

An article that appeared in Variety gave a scathing overview of the Sussex's accusations of maltreatment from senior royals, and despite claims of racism in Britain's top institution the American mag saw it as tiresome.

The piece written by Andrew Wallenstein, the president and chief media analyst of Variety Intelligence Platform, questioned "how much more meat could possibly be left on this bone".

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Wallenstein last year said the doc is not what the pair's "audience wants", despite it racking up more viewing time on Netflix than any other documentary during its first week, according to the company itself.

Even with record viewing figures and countless articles, Wallenstein took a derogatory swipe, calling it a "reality show".

He thinks Harry and Meghan have "gone to the well one too many times with their oft-repeated tale of mistreatment at the hands of England's royal family."

The media expert said that this is true especially because Harry is due to release his own written memoirs in January.

He said a "backlash already starting to grow really accelerates as the couple's strategically timed disclosures start to come across too carefully choreographed".

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Wallenstein added that "even the dimmest of minds among their fans" would eventually "tire" of their "Oh, woe is us routine" as they "play the victim card again and again".

Prince Harry's Spare memoir will cover the Duke's "personal journey from trauma to healing". And despite Wallenstein saying he reckons people will tire of the contents before it's even out, it ranks high in the Amazon book sales charts.

He said "economic security" around the world will make the couple seem "tone deaf" because they are living in a beautiful Californian mansion.

In the piece titled, 'It's Well Past Time for Harry and Meghan 2.0, he wrote: "There can only be so many revelations left to share with the public now that the couple have exiled themselves away from their fractious coexistence with the monarchy.

"Given that they've beaten this horse to death, perhaps this one-trick pony is due for the glue factory."

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