Harry and Meghan should consider dropping titles and own it like Diana

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should consider dropping their titles to help distance themselves from drama with the royal family, a royal commentator has claimed.

Kinsey Schofield made the remarks following a series of controversial moments between the pair and the royal family after they left the UK for a quieter life in the US.

But the couple has since been embroiled in several reported feuds including Meghan and Kate Middleton arguing over flower girl dresses to her and Harry addressing allegations of racism within the firm.

Kinsey believes the pair "often come off as vengeful and competitive" and said she doesn't think they have "necessarily matured when it comes to their PR strategy."

"I would love to see them rise above the noise and focus on contributing positively to the universe in the way that they intend to," she told the Daily Star.

The expert went on to reference the couple's multiple business ventures and said: "It feels like the Sussexes are tapping out their bandwidth with so many titles and positions – authors, podcast hosts, Netflix producers, board members, coffee whatevers, activists.

"When will it be enough and what are they trying to prove? What is real and what is just a strategic partnership for PR purposes? What are they contributing?

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"Are they ultimately trying to compete with members of the monarchy that (they feel) rejected them?"

She added: "They need to distance themselves from the royal family and drama and make names for themselves and to do that… they probably should consider dropping their titles.

"Once Princess Diana’s HRH title was yanked from her, she owned it like a badge of honour. The royal rebel."

The commentator then referenced Meghan's recent involvement in politics after she lobbied US politicians to allow Americans to have access to paid family leave.

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"She wasn’t making calls to important people… using her title to get them on the line. She was lovingly signing her notes just 'Diana'," said Kinsey.

Harry has previously said that he doesn't want Meghan to have the same fate as his late mother Diana, but Kinsey said this will not be the case.

She said: "I don’t blame Harry for being haunted by his mother’s death but Meghan is her own person with her own story.

"She is not a shy, naive, 19-year-old virgin that married her crush… who happened to be in love with someone else.

"Meghan has all of the tools in the toolbox to take care of herself and excel."

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The expert added: "I see political ambitions for Meghan Markle but if that is her direction, she has got to drop the title.

"There is nothing more feminist than utilising the name you were born with and the name that you made for yourself.

"Meghan’s problem is that she is so ashamed of her father’s side of the family that she feels (perhaps rightly so) that the more she elevates herself, the more aggressive they become in trying to ride her coattails."

Representatives for the Sussexes have been contacted for comment.

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