Harry and Meghans doc puts Royal Familys safety at risk, warn security experts

The controversial Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be “placing the life and safety of members of the Royal Family in jeopardy,” according to one security expert.

In the Netflix show the Duke of Sussex claimed that some royals had questioned why Meghan needed more protection from the media than other royals.

“The direction from the Palace was don’t say anything,” he said, adding that they failed to appreciate the “race element”.

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But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s “increasingly tenacious” attacks on the Royal family could inspire an assassin to attack the King or other senior royals, says former US law enforcement officer George R Franks.

Mr Franks, now an associate professor at Stephen F Austin University in Texas, says that the misplaced loyalty of one deluded individual could have terrible consequences.

He told the Telegraph: “I have been studying their increasingly tenacious attack on the character of the royals and the institution of the monarchy for the past several months with a growing concern for the safety of the members of the ‘working royals’, but also for the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“I have experience with cases where individuals have committed or attempted to commit violent crimes in support of the cause of another towards whom they have become enamoured and protective."

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Mr Franks said that all it would take would be one obsessed individual wanting to alter Harry's position within the royal line of succession to bring about "a disastrous outcome".

His concerns are shared by a number of other security experts.

Dai Davies, a former Metropolitan Police officer who who guarded the late Queen Elizabeth and other senior royals, says the Netflix documentary’s raising of racial issues could represent a “credible threat” to members of the Royal Family.

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Mr Davies says fanatical supporters of the couple – in particular those who believe Meghan has been wronged by the royals – could be radicalised by their claims.

“I’ve always said there’s a greater risk from fixated individuals than there is from terrorists,” he said.

He warned the documentary's dangerous focus on race could create "a small minority" who might take violent action.


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