Heartbroken carer faces sack over refusing Covid jab in vaccine row

A care home worker has said she is "heartbroken" after being forced to leave her job next week for refusing to be vaccinated.

Louise Akester, 36, is not willing to get vaccinated currently but says she does not rule out getting the Covid vaccine in the future.

The woman from Hull views the situation as "unfair" on care workers who are reluctant to be vaccinated as their care home residents and visitors are not required to by the government, Hull Live reports.

It means that she will now be forced to leave her job in a matter of days because the government's requirement that all care home workers are double vaccinated by November 11.

Despite the choice to not have the vaccine will cost her job, Lousie claims: "I'm still standing by my decision. My heart has been in that role of work for such a long time.

"I'm at a loss about what I'll be doing after I lose this job. I just feel so heartbroken."

She has worked in the care sector for 14 years and for the last three years at Alderson House in Hull.

"My manager has been quite emotional over it all as she really does not want to lose me," said Louise, who said she resented the government.

"We should have freedom of choice. The only choice I've been left with is either having the vaccine against your freedom of choice, or lose your job.

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"It's absolutely destroying me."

Louise believes it is particularly unfair that there is no mandatory requirement for care home residents or their visitors.

"There can be unvaccinated visitors," she said.

"It seems unfair how they can do it, yet I can't."

The care worker's contract is being terminated on November 5, with the government requirement for all care workers to be double vaccinated kicking in on November 11.

Louise added: "I genuinely love my job with all my heart, I only earn minimum wage so believe me it isn’t the money keeping me there.

"But November 5 will be one of the hardest days of my life when I have to say my goodbyes to all my lovely residents."

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