Hiker’s lucky escape as woman has scarily close encounter with huge black bear

A brave hiker has gone viral after she remained astonishingly calm when she was confronted by a giant black bear.

25-year-old Julia Tupey has been hailed as a "calm queen" after she cooly walked away from the terrifying animal.

Joe Kun, a real estate agent from New Jersey in the US, filmed the viral clip at a popular hiking spot dubbed Stairway to Heaven.

He was left shocked by the unexpected encounter.

The 25-year-old said: “It was early on in the summer in the middle of June when New Jersey was still under rather strict lockdown because of the coronavirus.

“There wasn’t much to do at the time so we decided to go hiking at a very popular trail called Stairway to Heaven in Vernon NJ which has a viewpoint at the top of the trail.

“We are all rather experienced hikers so this wasn’t something new to us.

“As usual there were all the notices posted at the beginning of the trail and we ironically even joked about what we would do if we saw a bear.”

Bears are relatively common in north Jersey, but it is rare for one to come as close to humans as this curious beast did.

Mr Kun added: “Once we got to the top of the trail around 3pm there were quite a few other hikers up there so we went off to the rightmost area of the clearing close to the woods to sit and have lunch.

“A few minutes after we sat down, the bear emerged from the woods at the end of the rock formation.

“We froze, the bear looked at us, and quickly continued across the rocks down in hill back into the woods below us.

“I tried to take a few pictures then but my phone was buried somewhere in my bag.

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“My friends were actually making fun of me that my first reaction was to look for my phone and take pictures but its something that doesn’t happen often so I wanted to record the moment.

“We were all shocked and as we talked about it and continued on with our lunch I could hear that the bear was still closeby, walking through the leaves underneath the rock formation we were sitting on.

“Then after about five minutes or so we could see the bear walking back up the trajectory it had originally made which is when I started recording the video.”

The situation did turn tense when the bear approached Jenny, who was perched on a rock.

In the clip, the hiker was sat relaxing when the black bear started wandering towards her.

Joe can he heard saying: “I think we should move.”

Jenny then expertly moves off the rock, so calm that she doesn’t startle the bear.

The group then move away from the rock hoping to get a safer distance from the beast.

Joe said: “As the bear had already passed us once we expected it to simply go back into the woods where it originally came from.

“Once the bear made it to our spot on the rocks and started coming towards us it was clear that it wasn’t afraid and wasn’t going to stop, so we needed to get up and go.

“Even after we got up and left the bear kept walking up the rock formation to where we were sitting at this point the video ends and even further past that to where there were other hikers.

“After we warned all the other hikers and had them move.

“My friends and I went down the trail, so I guess the bear did eventually go back into the woods.

"We didn’t report the bear to any rangers or authorities because it didn’t exhibit any aggressive behaviours. We were in nature, after all, the bear had every right to be there.”

The short clip has since gone viral on social media.

One user said: "Their calmness probably saved them."

This was followed by another commenting: "Smart to be calm. Probably saved their lives."

Another Instagram user responded: "They did exactly what they were supposed to. Great Job lady."

Whilst one other social media user had a more humorous approach to the video and said: "This is the reason why I don't hike. In fact, this is the reason why I don't exercise at all. Bears."

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