Historian uncovers list of predictions for Charles III reign written in 1661

A historian has uncovered a list of predictions for the reign of King Charles III written in 1661.

Medieval and early modern specialist Sjoerd Levelt took to Twitter to share some of the highlights from the document titled: "England's warning-piece. Or, the most strange and wonderfull predictions of Cleombrotus a heathen Jew, prophesied in the yeare 1272. upon the raignes of 29. kings of England; from Edvvard the I. to Charles the Fifth, 1799."

Another version of the document, with the much more simple title "A Prophecy upon Charles the Third, and two Kings after him, by Cleombrotus the Jew", was also published in 1679.

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Although it may take him some time to decipher Cleombrotus' Old English writing, Charles will be happy to hear most of what he forecast.

The first prediction Levelt shared was: "When that the third of this same Letter C. doe reigne, then will be cheape all kind of Graine."

The historian took this as "good news" regarding the cost of living crisis.

"The space of Twenty two yeares 'twill consist," Levelt took as a "feasible" prediction that Charles' reign will last 22 years.

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"No wars nor Rumours in his Reigne shall be," was "excellent news" according to the historian, who also noted how this prediction mysteriously links to the first given the impact of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine on energy prices.

Unfortunately, Cleombrotus later went back on that prediction and warned that "some forraigne Prince" will "Warre" with Charles.

This war will occur in the "in the Thirty fourth [34th year of his reign]", again contradicting an earlier prediction. Levelt wrote: "This means it wasn't his reign that lasts 20 years, but the cheap grain."

It will take place "Twixt Deepe and Calis [between Dieppe and Calais]", according to Cleombrotus, but luckily "after this will ne're be Battell more [no more battles]."

A final prediction, which Levelt said Charles will be "happy" with, read: "To Charles the third will Nations intercesse, he'l live in Peace and dye in quietnesse."


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