Horrifying moment pro wrestler launches boy, 5, across street after losing fight

This is the shocking moment a five-year-old boy was hurled across a street by a professional wrestler.

Einar Cruz, known as Einar El Vikingo in the ring, reacted furiously after the child approached him during an outdoor event in Mexico City.

Footage shows the youngster, Mateo, standing behind the wrestler and reaching for the 21-year-old’s neck after he had lost.

Einar immediately stands up, grabs him by the shirt and throws him several meters across the hard concrete.

Several adults watching can be seen confronting the wrestler for the shocking act as he walked off, leaving the young boy lying injured on the floor.

Police arrived on the scene and he was placed under arrest and officers had to also intervene when members of the audience tried to attack him.

The wrestler was released from custody on Sunday (May 23) after Mateo’s mother appeared before the Mexico City’s prosecutor’s office and pardoned him.

Mexico City Attorney-General Ernestina Godoy said: “It is not a crime that deserves deprivation of liberty, injuries that take 15 days to heal are not punishable.

“But here we are working to get him punished because he is a child, but we had to release him at that time.”

Einar has since been suspended indefinitely by the Mexico City Wrestling Commission.

Fellow wrestler Marcella has tweeted her support for the boy and even paid a visit to him.

“The wrestling family is outraged by this action,” she said. “We must not allow violence. Hopefully the authorities will get to work.”

Mexican wrestling, known as lucha libre, is one of the most popular sports in the country.

It is characterised by colourful masks, rapid sequences of holds and high-flying manoeuvre.

One of the most famous lucha libre wrestlers is Rey Mysterio, who has spent 20 years in the biggest wrestling corporation in the world – WWE.

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