Horrifying moment seagull is vaporised after being sucked into passenger plane

A poor seagull has been filmed getting obliterated after being sucked into a huge plane as it came into land.

The unfortunate event happened at Alta International Airport in Norway.

Footage shows the huge SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320-200N coming into land on runway 29.

The pilot notices a flock of seagulls flying directly in front of him and tries to head back into the air to avoid hitting them.

It didn’t quite work, however, as one of the birds gets sucked into the right engine of the plane.

Smoke and feathers immediately come out the other end as the poor bird is ingested.

The video, taken last Tuesday (June 22), has been seen more than 18,000 times since being posted to YouTube.

Viewers were quick to praise the actions of the pilot for avoiding a mass seagull casualty.

“The pilots avoided most of the swarm of birds,” one wrote. “Absolute correct and good action.”

Another commented: “The pilot had already reacted before the bird strike and was in full thrust pulling up. Well executed go around.”

The plane eventually landed safely without further incidents about eight minutes later.

Aero Inside and Aeroin reported that the plane had to cancel the next flight and remain on the ground for more than 24 hours after the incident to be checked and repaired.

It comes after a TikTok user explained what would happen if you were involved in a plane crash.

Jade claimed the pilot won’t have time to tell you that you’re going to die.

But you will be unlikely to feel any of it because the G-force “is so immense it will shatter your bones and destroy your organs”.

“If the plane explodes in the air, you’d be dead before the crash,” she added.

"The explosion would rip a hole in the plane, causing explosive decompression – this means the pressure difference whirling at your body could literally rip you apart.”

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