Horror as passenger dies after coat becomes stuck in train door

A 45-year-old woman died in horror scenes on the Paris Metro in France this weekend. According to French reports, the passenger disembarked the train on Saturday “in a hurry” shortly after 4pm. Initial investigations claimed that her coat became trapped in the door when they automatically closed. As the carriage resumed its journey, the victim became “caught up” and subsequently died.

Despite the best efforts of medics who scrambled to the scene, the woman could not be saved. An investigation has since been launched after the incident at Bel-Air station, on line 6.

RATP, the operator of the Metro, told France Info: “The driver, shocked, was taken care of by his manager and the fire brigade and that “the victim assistance unit was immediately activated”.

Traffic between Nation and Daumesnil stations was disrupted for much of the day as investigators sealed off the scene.

An onlooker who lives close to the station told ActuParis that she and her boyfriend had arrived at the station at around 4.30pm, when the emergency services were already there.


“The station was already cordoned off and we saw at least five fire engines parked in front of it,” she said.

“We understood that something had happened. We asked the RATP agent who told us that there had been a serious accident, then he put his head down. We then found out what had happened to the victim.

“As the station was closed for several hours, we saw a crowd forming at the end of the platform. People were trying to see what was going on. We saw about 10 firemen taking care of the victim.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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