Horror moment bloke knocked out on waterslide at new £42million swimming pool

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A man using a brand new £42m swimming pool said he was knocked unconscious after he become stuck on the waterslide and someone else barrelled into the back of him – twice.

Lee Giles had been visiting the newly-opened Moorways Sports Village in Derby with his teenage son when he said he came to a virtual stop on one of the twin flumes, at which point another swimmer crashed into him from behind in the pitch darkness, causing him to hit his head.

Blacking out, he came to having reached the end of the tunnel, only for the same person to collide with him again, this time causing him to collapse.

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The 41-year-old, who lives in Allenton, said, "I started off down the chute and the water was very shallow and I was not moving very much.

"So I started trying to push myself along when a man who weighed about 18 stone came down and hit me.

"It all happened in total darkness and I hit the roof of the chute with the top of my head and lost conscious. As I came to I found I'd slid to the bottom of the shoot, at which point I was hit again.

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"I got up as quickly as I could and tried to get out of the water, but I collapsed. The next thing, I was being escorted to the first aid room."

The unemployed lorry driver added that he was also unhappy about the treatment he received from Moorways staff.

"The following minutes were a nightmare as staff got on radios to ask what to do. I vomited into a bucket and, being only dressed in swimming shorts, felt very cold as shock set in."

He said he continued to throw up that night and was ill for a couple of days afterwards, during which time he saw his GP who gave him medication and suggested he go to hospital, but he decided not to.

He criticised the safety systems on the waterslide and added that things could have turned out much worse had a child been involved.

"I am also really disappointed that no-one from Moorways checked to see how I was, and when I went to talk to the management about the situation last weekend I was fobbed off totally," he added.

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However, the venue's management defended its staff's actions and also the way the flume ride is operated, stating it is run "in line with the manufacturers' guidelines".

Simon Morgan, contract manager for Moorways operator Everyone Active, said, "The customer was treated by a first aider with an ice pack and a call to the emergency services was offered, which was declined.

"The incident was then investigated in line with corporate health and safety procedures and the customer was encouraged to contact the site in writing with any concerns."

He added that health and safety measures for all the flumes at Moorways are in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and that a leisure attendant is on duty at the entrance to the flumes at all times.

Everyone Active operates the venue on behalf of Derby City Council, which did not comment on the incident.


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