Hot police woman dons legendary lap dance skirt on anniversary of viral video

A police woman has been branded the “finest cop in America” after she uploaded her latest snap on Instagram.

Vera Mekuli gave a nod to last Christmas by re-wearing the skin tight black and white mini skirt she donned while giving her boss a lap dance in a steamy video.

She found online fame after the video of her raunchy dance was released online and most recent post hinted there may be more of the same to come.

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Mekuli posted the steamy photo posing by leaning against the door and showing her body off in the famous skirt against a door and captioned it “Legendary” with a camera emoji, celebrating the lap dance outfit and the fame it gave her afterwards.

Fans responded by flocking to the comments of her Instagram post to shower her in compliments.

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Someone wrote: "No cap Finest cop in America."

“The infamous outfit" one commenter said.

“Hottie” another said, with fire emojis following.

Vera's account liked the stream of adoring comments and the brunette beauty was proud to show off her controversial outfit to the world on the anniversary of the video.

Vera appears to have revelled in the notoriety she gained after the “office party” on December 16 last year in which tapes emerged of her giving a public lap dance.

“I feel like just because, mainly, I’m a female, dressed the way I was, being a rookie, things were different,” Officer Mekuli told TMZ. “Had it been a man doing it, I feel like it would have been more of a joking matter and it would have stayed in-house versus go public the way it did with me.”

Since then, the rookie has continued retuned to work but continues to post sexy snaps on Instagram showing off her toned body, which lead to fans branding her as “the finest cop in America”.

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On Instagram, Vera can often be seen showing off her uniform as well as stripping off in her everyday life. Recently, she posed in her NYPD uniform, captioning the image: “Hold up wait a minute… y’all thought i was finished?” After fans though she'd left her job.

Vera maintains that while she will happily continue posting sultry pictures on her personal Instagram, Only Fans is out of the question.

That is despite repeated requests such as another one shared on her latest snap, "Nypd lap dancer turned only fans model".


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