How to add the Ukrainian flag to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile

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Protests and marches have taken place across the globe this weekend denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week. To show further support, many social media users have also begun adding the Ukrainian flag to their profile pages. Different social platforms offer a variety of ways to do this, so brings you a guide on how to add the flag to your account.

How to add the Ukrainian flag to your Facebook profile

On Facebook, you can add a Ukrainian flag overlay to your profile picture. The steps to do this are fairly simple.

First, head over to the Facebook profile-picture-frames feature page, which can be found here.

In the search box provided, enter “Ukraine” and select the option of flags and statements you want to add to your profile picture.

You then have the option to adjust the positioning of your profile photo to zoom in or crop it down.

Next, it’s time to choose the length of time you’d like the flag to feature. This can range from one hour, one month, to a customised time period.

How to add the Ukrainian flag to your Twitter profile

Twitter and Instagram don’t offer the same profile picture feature as Facebook, but there are still means to add the flag to your profile if you’d like to.

On Twitter, users tend to add flags to their screen names – you can do this through the use of emojis.

By selecting ‘Edit profile’ on your main profile page, tap the ‘Name’ field and bring up your emoji keyboard.

Next, select the Ukrainian flag to add next to your Twitter name.

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How to add the Ukrainian flag to your Instagram profile

Instagram offers different options on this front – you can’t add flags to Instagram names, but you can add one to your bio.

Access your main profile page and select “edit profile”. Again, by opening your emoji keyboard, you can add the Ukrainian flag to your bio. There are also new photo filters available to add to your Instagram “story”.

To do this, add an Instagram story and scroll along the filters displayed at the bottom of the screen to ‘browse effects’.

Search ‘Ukraine’ to pull up an array of different filters containing the Ukrainian flag, of which you can select one to add to your picture.

If you save the image to your device, you can add it as your profile picture via the same “edit profile” button noted above, and then clicking ‘change profile photo’.

Thousands gathered across the UK this weekend in demonstrations against the brutal conflict taking place in Ukraine.

Cities protesting included those of London, Newcastle, Brighton, Exeter, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Norwich, as well as Cardiff and Swansea. Up to 100,000 gathered in Berlin, while Prague accumulated up to 70,000.

Demonstrations also took place in various cities across the US, as well as Bangkok, Madrid, Paris, and Amsterdam to name a few.

Protesters were seen carrying placards with slogans including ‘Stop Putin, stop the war’, and “Stand with Ukraine”.

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