Huge airport drugs bust as customs cops seize nearly 4,000 bongs worth £42k

Airport customs officers are used to an usual find or two, but this week one unit brought in a huge haul in what can only be described as one of the strangest smuggling attempts in history.

US Customs seized almost 4,000 bongs at Washington Dulles International airport in a huge drugs bust.

The bongs, known more commonly as ‘gravity pipes’ were discovered on October 2, with the shipment believed to be worth $56,000 (£42,000).

It is thought that they were heading towards an address in Los Angeles, California, so it is a big win for the agency as they look to prevent the spread of illicit narcotics.

The package in question is said to breach a number of drug paraphernalia laws, with import specialists confirming the bongs fall into that category. More commonly marketed for smoking tobacco, gravity pipes are traditionally associated with the use of marijuana recreational drug use.

This isn’t the first bust of its kind in recent months as Customs managed to stop a shipment of cocaine worth almost $1million in Pharr, Texas.

The drugs themselves were concealed inside a tractor-trailer and according to reports from CBP, it weighed almost 125 pounds. It is just a small part of a battle to prevent any would-be Walter White from creating their own drug empire.

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It’s not just narcotics that get seized on flights as you can even get stopped for carrying too much cash with you.

Two people were stopped on a flight to Ghana after more than $20,000 was found concealed in an envelope within their carry-on luggage.

US law indicates that any figures over $10,000 must be declared, so unsurprisingly the money was seized.

The couple were then left with $641 in what was described as humanitarian relief. Whilst some people would love to have the luxury of losing that amount of money, concealments are no laughing matter.

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On the other hand, sometimes there are some peculiar items that people will try to sneak through customs.

Rather amusingly, sex toys are amongst the most commonly concealed as people try hide what really gets them going.

Unsurprisingly, pornography is also an item that airport security regularly come across.

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