Huge blow to Putin as Zelenskys forces obliterate tank and key supply point – pictures

Russian ammo depot reportedly on fire in Kherson region

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Weapons trackers published images last night (Thursday) that purported to show the aftermath of a missile strike on an outpost in the occupied Kherson oblast. Arms researchers said a Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missile struck the depot in the small town of Nova Kakhovka.

They noted that at least three Russian supply trucks had been hit, as well as an MT-LB Soviet-era amphibious auxiliary armoured vehicle.

Images released by the trackers show a huge plume of dark grey smoke billowing out of an enclosed area.

Inside the Russian military depot, trees have been shredded from the blast, and a supply truck with the now-famous Z symbol on its back.

The remains of a lorry and a cargo container are also visible in the background, being inspected by a Russian troop.

In another image, part of the missile’s body can be seen among the rubble, with an upturned driver’s cab in the background.

Kherson, a coastal region where mainland Ukraine meets Crimea, is currently occupied and controlled by Russian forces – which entered via Crimea in the initial invasion.

Ukrainian counter-offensives continue along the border with the Mykolaiv oblast to the west.

Defending forces are pushing Russian ground troops away from the city of Mykolaiv and towards the city of Kherson.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly stated that he would only settle for Ukraine’s full sovereignty being restored, and has hinted at a desire to return to the nation’s pre-2014 borders.

Russia’s military failings in the invasion have likely cost the far superior army the chance at a complete invasion, and have indicated a move towards annexing the Donbas region to the east.

The Ukrainian armed forces have made use of western missiles to target Russian supplies and vehicles as the invading army struggles with supply and communication issues.

Earlier this afternoon (Friday), footage emerged of what purported to be a missile strike on a munitions warehouse in the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk.

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Video from the blast shows a thick black pyre emerging from a building while other explosions sound.

Various sources also suggested Ukrainian drone made two successful missile hits on the Russian rescue vessel Vasily Bekh, which was reportedly carrying some form of weaponry to Snake Island, a strategically important outcrop off the coast of Moldova.

Today, Boris Johnson was pictured once again on a visit to Kyiv to meet with Mr Zelensky – the second time he has done so since the outbreak of war.

It came as the European Commission recommended Ukraine receive candidate status to join the EU, aligning it closer politically with Europe.

While there, the Prime Minister offered to launch a massive training operation for Ukrainian forces.

The two leaders discussed supplies of weapons and air defences as well as further economic support for Ukraine and ramping up sanctions pressure on Russia.

Mr Zelensky remarked: “Many days of this war have proved that Great Britain’s support for Ukraine is firm and resolute.

“Glad to see our country’s great friend Boris Johnson in Kyiv again.”

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