Humiliated Ukrainian looters cellophaned to street signs and pants pulled down

Alleged criminals have been filmed cellophaned to street signs where they've had their pants pulled down as part of a humiliating punishment.

Pro-Russia social media accounts have jumped at the chance to share footage of vigilante "justice" being demonstrated in Ukraine.

One particular clip shows gun-wielding men in military uniform taking the law into their own hands by tying a pair of blokes to different posts on the street.

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Adding to their humiliation, the apparent soldiers then yank down the trousers and pants of the alleged "marauders" and then stuffed something into their mouths.

As a result, the two suspected shoplifters are rendered helpless as they're unable to move or speak all the while having their tackle dangling out in full view of passers-by.

Retired lawyer and major general of Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU) Vasyl Vovk previously told Kyiv Post: “The public likes the idea of swift punishment that avoids languishing legal procedures. The publicity of the ‘punishment’ is very effective in preventing looting and other offenses.”

Vasyl added that the practice is not supported or condoned by the government.

“Of course, it’s not legal! We are not a backward republic! We are a democratic and lawful nation,” he insisted.

Vasyl explained: “The police and courts are to make arrests and determine justice, not shop owners who could face violating Article 198 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and other statutes.

“If moderate or serious harm is done to the health of the victim, these actions could trigger even further charges within the [code].”

Twitter users expressed their shock and horror at the actions caught on camera in a now viral video which ends with a soldier appearing to slap a marauder across his face.

Several critics of the bizarre response to theft sided with the victims and blamed Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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A popular Twitter account that shares streams of anti-Ukraine content said: "What's up with Zelensky's thugs terrorizing their own citizens by strapping them to street signs & pulling their pants down??"

Several social media users claimed the footage was an example of Ukraine's supposed neo-Nazism as spouted by Russia's Vladimir Putin.

According to the Kyiv Post, vigilante justice existed in Ukraine before the country was invaded a year ago, but cases of 'frontier justice' have risen as a result of public resources being stretched by the war.


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