Husband kills wifes lover and raises child as his own for four decades

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A woman made a shocking discovery when she found out the man she thought was her dad killed her biological father after finding out he was having an affair with her mum.

Named only as Berrin N. in local media in Ula, in Turkey's Mugla province – the horrified daughter has sued the man she called 'dad' after the truth emerged during a family row.

Until it was blurted out by her sister in a row, the 49-year-old had believed through her childhood and adult years that her mother's husband – named only as Mahir A. – was her true dad.

It was only then she realised her mother's lover, Mustafa Uyanik, was her biological dad.

She subsequently sued Mahir for 'denial of lineage' and a DNA test ordered by the court found they were unrelated.

And she has now filed a paternity suit against her real dad Mustafa.

A paternity suit is a court case held to establish formally the identity of a child's father.

She is demanding his grave should be opened for further DNA tests.

Her mother Fatma A. had died some years ago and never told her daughter the truth.

Berrin was reportedly raised by Mahir as his own daughter until he became suspicious that her mother was having an affair and started to follow her.

When he caught her in the act with Mustafa in a field in their village, he reportedly killed the man.

He reportedly tried, but failed, to kill Fatma, too.

Berrin was nine years old at the time and the secret was maintained even after Mahir served time in prison for the killing.

It was only last year that Berrin learnt from her older sister that she was not Mahir's biological daughter.

It is not clear when her sister discovered Berrin's true paternity, but she dropped the bombshell during an argument between the pair over Mahir's estate.

The story was only recently reported by local media.

For over four decades the Turkish woman, named as Berrin N in local media, thought her mother’s husband was her father but in fact she was born as the result of an affair with the man he went on to kill.

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