Husband shot by ‘intruder who was wifes lover and secretly lived in their home

An Alabama man was shot in the chest in a shootout with his wife’s lover, who had been secretly living in their home for more than a year.

Frank Reeves, 58, was told by his wife, Tracey, who was high on meth, that there was an intruder in their home in Creola on August 15.

The intruder however, was none other than his wife’s lover, Michael Amacker, who was also high on drugs.

The pair engaged in a shootout and Reeves was shot in the chest before returning fire and shooting Amacker in the leg and elbow.

Both men were taken to hospital but not seriously hurt, reports Fox 10.

Amacker was able to stay hidden because Tracy provided him with food and he limited trips to the bathroom by urinating in bottles.

Officers later found the bottles of urine in a room where Amacker had been living, accourding to source Chris Murphy.

Neighbours told the news station that the Reeves' were quiet and didn't mingle with the community much.

One neighbour reported hearing the gunfire and mistakenly thinking it was thunder “because it was so loud and so close”.

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Speaking to Fox 10, neighbour Kenneth Wilson said: “We saw them bring out the suspect and also the man that was shot, and they both seemed to be okay.

“They weren't saying much. In fact the suspect did not say a word – it looked like he was way out of it.”

Investigators say that Tracy and Amacker were high on methamphetamine when the shootout happened and Tracy was too intoxicated and "incoherent" to be interviewed at the scene.

Amacker was arrested after he was released from the hospital on Wednesday and charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm with an altered serial number and drug possession, while Tracy was also charged with drug possession.

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More charges could be coming from ICE because Amacker is already a convicted felon.

A murder-for-hire plot investigation is underway in an attempt to figure out why she told her boyfriend that her husband was an intruder, according to WKRG.

Officers believe that the intruder ruse could have been set up to get her husband out the way, since the couple had separated for a short period of time,

But according to Mobile County Sheriff's Captain Paul Burch “they appeared to have been working things out”.

Burch told the local news station: “People that are on meth – you really can't apply a normal rationale to their thought process so you always have to take that into account as well.

“Not only do they have paranoia, they can't keep their mouth shut. So if there was some kind of diabolical plan it is very possible Amacker has told some other people.”

He added: “I've still yet to figure out how somebody can be staying in your house and you not know it.

“It’s something that I haven't seen in 30-plus years.”

Deputies said Amacker is well known in the meth community after being arrested multiple times on charges ranging from manufacturing to possessing drugs.

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