I live with ghost of a girl who looks at me in widows, says ex-gravedigger

A Gulf War veteran has explained the reality of sharing his house with a 'ghost' of a young girl.

Despite the ex-soldier's hardened nature, the paranormal being has left him quaking in his boots.

Cox has lived in his remote home situated in a dark corner of Witton Cemetery for the last 23-years. And while he has no intention of leaving the property, he's admitted to feeling rather concerned about the 'Grey Girl', who has made herself a guest in his house.

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The vet paints the picture of a young lady with long, black hair draped over her face.

The 54-year-old told BirminghamLive: "I've been to war, I’m scared of the living, not the dead. but saying that, there have been a few incidents over the course of my time here that have scared me stiff."

The war hero claims he first encountered his home invader looking at him through the back window of his house. However, he only grew concerned when pedestrians spotted her while they were passing by.

Cox said: "I didn’t think anything of her at the time but a few years later I was approached by a group of mourners who I got chatting to. I told them I lived alone and they asked: 'Who’s that girl we always see in your window?

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"I’ve been to war but nothing has scared me stiff like that. I do feel like there’s something in it."

But while most would book a one way ticket to Timbuktu, the ex-soldier has grown rather fond of his housemate.

The ex-gravedigger confessed: "There’s a comfort in it. I think she looks after me, she’s never done me any harm."

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Cox is happy in his surroundings and doesn't care about the scepticism of other people, claiming his dark sense of humour has kept him going.

He explained: "Back when I was a gravedigger, I put the 'fun' into the funeral,” he laughs. "Even now, people ask me how I can live here – but I always say 'what do you mean? People are dying to come here!

"I just love how isolated I am here – it's very peaceful. I don’t know what it is, I just find it comforting. I've never thought of moving, I’m very happy here."

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