India-China fury erupts: Protesters gather in London ordering world to ‘Boycott China’

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Placards had the words “Free Hong Kong, Uyghurs” and were displayed outside the Chinese embassy building in London. Other placards said, “Free Tibet”. The protestors also chanted “China back off, China back off”.

This was expressing the Indian diaspora’s resentment at what they saw as China’s belligerent foreign policy in Galwan Valley valley were many soldiers lost their lives in brutal hand-to-hand fighting between Chinese and Indian forces.

The UK president of the Overseas Friends of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat spoke about the protest on Indian television.

Speaking to India Today TV, he said: “The focus of the protest which has been organised by the Indian diaspora is the expansionist policy of China and we oppose their aggression.

At the protest the words “free Tibet, free Hong Kong, free Uyghurs” was projected onto the side of the embassy building.

However, the Indian organisers said they had nothing to do with that projection.

Mr Singh Shekhawat said: “We have nothing to do with the image that has been projected on the embassy.”

Ambassador Sun Weidong said in video remarks released in New Delhi that the two countries should be partners rather than rivals and handle differences properly to bring their ties back on the right track.

The Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong has recently expressed his sorry at what occurred during the mountainside clash.

He said: “Why should we fight against each other, which will only hurt those close to us and gladden the foes?”

China’s ambassador to London did not comment on the demonstration held outside his residence today.

Instead, he tweeted about China’s commitment to tackling climate change.

He tweeted: “Glad to have an online meeting with Laurie Bristow the COP26 regional ambassador, and exchanged views with him on how China and UK can support and cooperate with each other in areas of biological diversity and climate change.”

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China and India’s relations have not reached such a low ebb since both nations fought a border war in the area in 1962.

That border war created the present line of actual control which is hotly disputed by both New Delhi and Beijing.

The US has recently accused China of bullying other nations.

Speaking of the current tense relations between India and China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in his weekly briefing with reporters on Wednesday: “The Chinese took incredibly aggressive action.

“The Indians have done their best to respond to that.

“I’d put this in the context of General Secretary Xi Jinping and his behaviour throughout the region, and indeed, throughout the world.

“From the mountain ranges of the Himalayas to the waters of Vietnam’s Exclusive Zone, to the Senkaku Islands, and beyond, Beijing has a pattern of instigating territorial disputes.

“The world shouldn’t allow this bullying to take place, nor should it permit it to continue.”

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