Insane moment Russian tanks scuppered by mines in devastating blow

Russian tanks obliterated by well-placed Ukrainian mines

An approaching column of Russian tanks encountered mines before being obliterated by Ukrainian artillery strikes on the battlefield, staggering footage appears to show.

A video that has surfaced online has revealed the wild moment multiple Russian tanks slowly advancing through Ukrainian land suddenly burst into flames while columns of black smoke filled the air.

According to several prominent commentators on the Ukraine war, the explosions came after the vehicles encountered mines while being blasted by artillery.

Footage shows the terrain smothered in craters as the camera zooms out.

Commenting on a clip shared by X user @CasualArtyFan, General Ben Hodges, the Former Commanding General US Army Europe, wrote: “Impressive by UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces).

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“Textbook integration of fires, drones, and apparently mines. Russian tanks in column in combat with minimal separation….no evidence of experienced Sergeants in this Russian unit. Who believes Russia can’t be defeated?”

Russia has been laying its own vicious anti-tank mines in an attempt to scupper the incoming Ukrainian counteroffensive too.

The hefty circular devices are typically laden with around 15 pounds of TNT and have been placed to prevent Kyiv’s troops from driving Putin’s men out of occupied territory.

Russian tanks have reportedly been attempting to advance south of Bakhmut but were stopped short by Ukrainian artillery fire on Monday.

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Hanna Maliar, a Ukrainian defence minister, said that Ukrainian forces had retaken about 1.2 square miles of territory near Bakhmut over the past week.

She told Ukrainian television on Monday: “In the south, the situation has not changed significantly, our defenders continue to advance towards (the occupied cities) of Berdyansk and Melitopol.”

Earlier this month, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, admitted that Russian mines are hindering the pace at which Ukraine’s counteroffensive progresses. But he did stress that there is no strict deadline.

Danilov said in a national broadcast: “No one can set deadlines for us but ourselves. Secondly, there is no schedule….I have never used the phrase ‘counteroffensive’.

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“There are military operations. They are complex, difficult, and depend on many factors.”

“The main task for us is to save the lives of our people at the front. We have to understand that the enemy has prepared for these events very well, with a huge number of territories mined,” he said, adding that the density of the Russian mining was “insane.”

He continued: “On average, there are 3-4-5 mines per square meter. Imagine how difficult the work is to remove them to allow our military to move afterwards.

“And if earlier there were hopes that this could be done with the help of equipment provided by our partners, today our units are doing a very difficult job on foot in many parts of the frontline at night.”

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