Inside abandoned brothel and swingers club left to rot for over a decade

An urban explorer has shared eerie pictures from inside a seedy abandoned swingers club that has been left to rot for over a decade.

The adult venue, formerly known as Utopia, closed its doors in 2007, and in April 2018, the grand building in Ivetsey Bank, Staffordshire, was badly damaged by fire.

Now, Abandoned UK has posted pictures on a Facebook group for urban explorers to share their finds show the 15-metre indoor heated swimming pool drained and full of rubbish.

The post read: "Utopia in the Staffordshire countryside, boasted a labyrinth of caves and fantasy rooms as well as a swimming pool and sauna.

"It was once described as 'one of the finest, cleanest and best-appointed adult venues in the UK but now sits derelict and is a mess from the fire that happened in 2018 ripping through the building."

The remains of the huge jacuzzi which could accommodate up to 16 people are also clearly visible.

Another photo shows the house's grand wrought iron gates still looking remarkably undamaged.

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One sinister snap shows part of the labyrinth of "caves" with iron bars allowing visitors to look in on the steamy scenes taking place inside the cells.

What appear to be massage tables, as well as a cream-coloured sofa, are seen in other pictures.

Among the rubbish left in the swimming pool is an old TV, as well as parts of the ceiling that collapsed during the 2018 blaze.

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Commenters fascinated by the building's seedy past wrote: "I expected a few melted dildos or something!"

Another said: "Should explore it with a UV light."

Referencing a picture showing a leopard print shoe, a third user wrote: "Never seen a Brothel. Don't like that horrible lady shoe… she had no taste at all."

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According to reports, there have been attempts to preserve and restore the grand property with more than 200 years of history.

Before it was converted into an adult venue in 2004, the building was a health spa, which was when its 15-metre swimming pool was added.

But when it was abandoned by its kinky clientele three years later, the building never found a new owner.

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Back in 2016, previous photos showed the swingers club in better days, looking more-or-less untouched.

Among the features snapped were an S&M room, complete with wooden chairs where clients would be tied up.

Another room had a bare mattress with high-heeled boots strewn across it and lingerie hanging from the lampshade.

X-rated VHS tapes also littered the dusty floor of the former brothel.

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