Inside creepy flat where Yorkshire Ripper killed fourth victim with hammer

An urban explorer took chilling photographs of a flat where the Yorkshire Ripper carried out his fourth murder.

Nature has been gradually claiming back a block of flats in Bradford, Yorkshire since it was abandoned in the years following Patricia Atkinson's death.

Remarkably, only Patricia's former flat inside in the moulding and crumbling building set for demolition remains as it once was.

Urban explorer Louis Davison – better known as Dee – hunted down the spine-chilling room Peter Sutcliffe admitted to killing one of his 13 victims inside, LADbible reports.

On April 23, 1977, Sutcliffe spotted an an intoxicated Patricia banging on the roof of the car as she worked as a prostitute in the Manningham area of Bradford.

He offered her a lift home to Flat 3, at 9 Oak Avenue which she eagerly accepted. As they pulled up outside, the evil serial killer was readying himself to claim his fourth murder victim.

Sutcliffe grabbed claw-hammer from under his driver's seat and hid it in his coat which he hung up inside Ms Atkinson's home, before unleashing a brutal attack.

The monster, who died of Covid-19 last November, hit her on the back of the head four times with the hammer until she fell off the bed, spilling blood over the floor in the process.

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Not satisfied with the pain already inflicted, Sutcliffe hit her again and dragged her from under her arms back onto the bed.

He confessed: "She told me she lived alone. I parked up outside her flat and she got out and went in. I picked up a hammer as I got out of the car."

He went on to add: "I followed her into the flat, she closed the curtains, and I hung my coat on the hook on the back of the door.

"She took her coat off and sat on the bed, her back was slightly towards me. I went up to her and hit her on the back of the head with the hammer."

After forcibly stripping Patricia's clothes off, Sutcliffe began hitting her with one end of the hammer, and clawing her with the other end.

Her stomach was also found with six stab wounds and knife marks were left across her back and left side.

Sutcliffe covered her in bed linen and exited the now derelict residence.

Urban explorer Dee told LADbible: "I decided to visit with hopes to find the room Patricia was killed in, I love connecting with history and picturing the rooms as they would have been back in the day.

"The flats themselves are pretty bare, but the only flat inside there with the original walls is number 3 – the flat we were looking for.

"The flat itself was creepy – just standing there and knowing what had happened and reading the news articles about what happened made me take it more seriously.

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"It made me a little dizzy at times and definitely put me on edge,' just knowing this is where the Yorkshire ripper committed one of his crimes."

Dee said that despite being alone in the building, he heard some "voices".

"We couldn't see anyone – I'm not saying they're haunted but there's a good chance," he said.

"To visit one of the UK's most notorious crime location is mind blowing to me."

You can follow Dee on YouTube and on Instagram here.

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