Inside eerie 120-year-old abandoned mansion with tuxedo still hanging in bedroom

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Eerie pictures offer a glimpse behind the doors of an abandoned mansion left in such a hurry that it even has a wedding tuxedo still hanging in one bedroom.

The imposing house would have dripped with luxury when it was under the ownership of a wealthy aristocrat in the Deep South of the US.

One picture shows a sparsely-decorated bedroom, curtains still drawn, with what appear to be a wedding dress and a tuxedo hanging on the walls.

Another of the photos shows what seems to be a reception room, the grandeur of the wide windows and fireplace dulled by the dust and dilapidation of time.

The pictures were captured by urbex photographer Leland Kent (also known by his handle Abandoned Southeast) in Union Springs, Alabama in the USA.

They show the Rainier-Lewis House, built by Union Springs Mayor Sterling Price Rainier Jr in 1902 to house just himself and eventually his wife and three children.

With just five inhabitants at the time, space was abundant in this twelve-room mansion, which was completed less than 40 years after the close of the US Civil War in 1865.

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The elegant building features four large Corinthian columns, a romantic second-floor balcony, and a stained glass window on the interior stairway.

After Sterling’s death in 1967, the house lay vacant for decades, the grandeur of its past disappearing.

It was then purchased in 2012 by Dr. Hikes-McDonald in 2012, who worked for the Veterans Administration for many years, but decided to leave the house empty once more when she moved to Chicago.

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Other shots in the set show the grand hallway, carpet faded and dusty, a vintage porch complete with two old rocking chairs, and the exterior of the house, still impressive but showing signs of its age – as it is now 120 years old.

The fades grandeur of the once impressive mansion can be seen in photographs taken by Mr Kent, who posts images of places he has managed to get a peak behind the grand facade of the property.

They also show grand staircases flanked by pillars and many other large rooms which have no-doubt seen some impressive soirees during the previous occupier's ownership.

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Sterling Price Rainer, Jr. started work on this 12-room mansion in 1902.

Rainer was born on January 24, 1885, and raised in Union Springs.

And his dad Sterling Price Rainer, Sr. was a successful merchant and served as Probate Judge of Bullock County.

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