Inside Glastonburys secret tunnel that runs through middle of festival

Glastonbury Festival has a secret tunnel running slap bang through the middle of the event, and thousands of revellers wont even notice it.

The world famous Glastonbury Festival is back, meaning traffic chaos and hordes of campers descending on sleepy rural Somerset for a bumper party.

But many of the 200,000 plus revellers will never see most of the interesting nooks and crannies of the vast site, including the secret passageway.

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The tunnel connects the Greenpeace Field and the Green Futures area and it is often decorated, including the installation above where the roof of the tunnel is adorned with glass and lights.

Another, albeit unofficial, tunnel made headlines when YouTuber Zac Alsop posted a video detailing his triumphant break-in via a storm drain.

The 27-year-old had decided to get himself into "the world's most secure festival" to meet his mates, despite the intimidatingly tall, 8km long fence and the fact that he had no ticket.

A few days before the festival began last year, Zac slipped on a luminous jacket in a bid to pass of as a security guard, and took a train to close to the festival site.

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"I'm sh***ing it, my nerves are starting to come up," he said as he walked to the bridge, slipping through a tight gap and successfully gaining entry.

The site also boasts a nudist area, featuring a sauna, massage parlour, cafe – and lots of bare bums. The nomadic spa describes itself as "a festival within a festival" and a "truly unique" experience.

Lost Horizon can be found in the Green Fields area.

Somerset Live reported on several other 'hidden gems' within Worthy Farm, including the stone dragon in the woods, 'Strummerville', the hidden microvenues at Shangri-La, the secret part of the Rabbit Hole and the mythical Secret Underground Piano Bar.

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