Inside horror UK island with visitors banned thats filled with human remains

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    A horror UK island has seen visitors banned entirely, with the patch of land filled with human remains and eerie sightings of coffins and skulls.

    Lying on Kent's River Medway, the off-limits stretch of land is littered with skulls, teeth and other body parts from various unknown people.

    With a name like Deadman's Island, it is no surprise public access is banned with the former ship burial ground serving quite the shocking purpose now sea levels have eroded the place.

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    Over 200 years ago and the island was used to dump bodies, a burial ground for convicts, and it is only recently their bodies are turning up.

    Investigator Sam Supple, who marked a deep diving exhibition on the island, said: "It is like being on the set of a horror film.

    "It looks so surreal, it's like an art department designed it. There are open coffins and bones everywhere."

    Presenter Natalie Graham also spoke of the island's horrors, saying: "What I saw there will stay with me forever. The island was covered with human remains.

    "The remains, buried 200 years ago, are now being exposed to the elements as nature takes its course. This is a really strange sight. I would imagine there can't be anywhere on earth like this."

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    Bodies once buried in coffins have since risen to the surface and look ready to burst, with skulls and other bones and fragments littered around the island, The Sun reported.

    Most of the bodies are from former prison ships, as Professor Eric Grove explained: "They would be people who picked pockets and would include ten-year-olds sentenced to 15 years transportation.

    "A lot of crimes carried the death penalty, but as a way of being humane and also to inhabit the colonies, it was decided it would be good to transport convicts."

    Those protected wetlands are not just a burial ground for the damned of the past but also an important nesting site for birds.

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