Iran ridiculed after claiming it assassinated Israeli Mossad agent named Fart

Iran's leadership has been the butt of a strange joke after claiming it killed an Israeli Mossad agent in Iraq.

The agent, it claimed, was called Asa Flots and he was assassinated during an “attack with kamikaze drone in Erbil, Northern Iraq”.

They also claimed he was a commander of the “Mossad assassination unit”.

The claim was tweeted out by account Intel Sky, which claims to be an “aircraft tracking” and image analyst account.

The tweet was accompanied by images of a crashed car, but without evidence to support who it belonged to or where it was found.

But Hebrew speaking social media users were quick to realise that something smelt a bit funny about the claim.

For the alleged Mossad agent's name actually translated to “made a fart” – and it didn't take long for the jokes to roll in.

Spoof Mossad account @TheMossadIL tweeted: “We would like to give our heartfelt condolences to the family of Asa Flotz.

“Like a waft in the wind, you were gone too soon. We toot our horns in your honour.

“Let's all remember his him by saying 'smell you later'. Asa Flotz was a brave warrior who wasn't afraid to operate in the bowels of enemy territory.

“We were saddened when wind broke of his passing.”

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And Israeli journalist Michael Starr tweeted: “Over the years, Asa Flotz gathered quite the rogues gallery — Dr. Bophades Nutz, Prof. IC Weiner, Captain Seymour Butz.

“We always knew he would go out with a bang.”

According to Jerusalem Post, the origin of the joke comes from a Twitter user called GiliCharley, who replied to a tweet from Khaled Iskef, a reporter with the Lebanese, pro-Iranian Al-Mayadeen TV.

He claimed that a Mossad commander called “Ilak Ron” had been killed, to which GiliCharley replied: “'Ilak Ron’ was his operation name – his real name is Asa Flots (sic).”

Asa Flots ended up trending on Twitter in Israel for most of this week, as social media caught wind of the incident.

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