Italian inventors’ coronavirus ‘medical lifeline’ already used a MILLION times worldwide

As the coronavirus pandemic around the world continues to wreak havoc, Italy stands as the nation with the most fatalities. Some young inventive Italians have stepped in to help, using their company Isinnova to make a valve through 3D printing that turns a sports shop snorkelling mask into ventilator mask. The creators, Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli spoke to the BBC’s Today show from northern Italy.

The protective equipment has a hole for the oxygen tube and another through which the patient exhales.

The blueprint has been downloaded for free a million times by hospitals in need across the world.

It has been described as a “medical lifeline” and is something that Mr Fracassi is very proud of.

He told Radio 4 about a very special present he received in return.

More to follow…

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