Ivanka Trump ‘broke away from President’ to find own path in life

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Mr Trump accepted the results of the 2020 US election for the first time yesterday when he instructed the federal agency to start the handover of power. The President continues to contest his loss to Joe Biden but told officials to “do what needs to be done” because it was “in the best interest of our country”. Since the Democratic candidate’s victory, many have speculated over the future of Mr Trump and his family. Some have suggested that his daughter Ivanka, known as the First Daughter, might consider a presidential bid of her own.  

Ivanka has distanced herself from her father’s claims of election fraud – which are yet to be validated – since the US election on November 3. 

Judge Brann, from Pennsylvania, dismissed Mr Trump’s legal challenge that previously prevented the state from certifying their results in favour of Mr Biden.

He explained that the court had been “presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations”.

Judge Brann continued: “This claim, like Frankenstein’s Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together.”

Axios writers Jonathan Swan and Alayna Treene claimed that while the President’s advisors supported his legal claims in public, in private they felt “his team” was “on a dead-end path”.

They wrote: “Even Jared and Ivanka think this is going nowhere.”

Ivanka served as an advisor during Mr Trump’s term and hoped to “moderate her father’s most regressive, racist tendencies” according to her former friend Lysandra Ohrstrom.

In a Vanity Fair article, she predicted that Ivanka would not return to New York – where she has multiple businesses – because she would receive a frosty welcome.

Ms Ohrstrom wrote: “I expect Ivanka will find a soft landing in Palm Beach instead, where casual white supremacy is de rigueur and most misdeeds are forgiven if you have enough money.”

Brand management mogul Donny Deutsch told the New York Times that Ivanka and Jared would struggle to return to the Big Apple.

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He said: “In an odd way, they will even have a harder time than Trump himself… He’s despicable but larger than life. Those two are the hapless minions who went along.”

Some have predicted that Ivanka will follow her father’s path into politics but according to friends, she has often tried to carve her own path in the past. 

In a 2015 Vogue article, Pete Nordstrom, president of the department store Nordstrom, recounted how she didn’t want to coast off her father’s success.

When she developed her clothing line, IT Collection, he was surprised by her decision to avoid using the Trump name for branding.

He recalled: “She said, ‘I’m serious about this; I’m not just a name, licensing a product without any involvement’. 

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“She wasn’t asking for anything – there was no sense of entitlement.”

Vogue writer Jonathan Van Meter argued: “What Ivanka seems to have inherited is not his style (thank God), nor (one hopes) his crackpot opinions.

“But the idea that if you are going to have the chutzpah to brand yourself, you damn well ought to be true to yourself.”

She also appeared to break away from her father’s mold when she published her 2009 business-advice book The Trump Card: Playing To Win In Work.

At the time, Ivanka said: “I don’t want to look like I’m telling people I have all the answers. I’m 27.”

She claimed to have written it because she felt other books were “typically written by 60 or 70-year-old men, reflecting back on their careers”.

Ivanka felt this was not “particularly relatable” to “young women just starting out”.

Public opinion about Ivanka has changed since her role in the White House, and previously a friend said: “Her father is hated by half of America and loved by the other half. 

“The half that love him love her, and the half that hate him love her – because she’s not him!”

Don Jr suggested that his sister and her husband would take a different route to their father – a hint that could suggest their departure from politics all-together.

He said: “Jared and Ivanka are centered in a more low-key, contemporary, family way. 

“I think they don’t need to be as sort of… out there in the more outlandish eighties way that my parents were.”

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