Jacob Rees-Moggs self-branded MOGG clock labelled tackiest thing ever

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    Jacob Rees-Mogg's weird self-branded clock stole the limelight in the minister's recent BBC appearance, with the monstrosity being widely slated by viewers.

    The business secretary and Johnson crony was a guest on the BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show this morning, talking from his home about the ousted PM's potential return to power.

    While official figures indicate the former top dog hasn't reached the 100 vote threshold needed to run for PM, Rees-Mogg told Kuenssberg that there is as "great deal of support" for Boris, and that he is "clearly going to stand".

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    Yet despite weighing in on the immediate political crisis the Tories have inflicted on the nation, viewers focused their attention on an object behind Rees-Mogg's talking head.

    Hawk-eyed viewers noticed that sitting on the mantle behind the politician was an old-fashioned style clock that had replaced the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 with the letters M, O, G, G, spelling out Mogg.

    Naturally, the Twittersphere went to town on the clock, with one person describing the contraption as the "tackiest thing I've ever seen".

    Another Twitter user wrote: "Jacob Rees Mogg clearly lives in his own time zone, one with a special Mogg clock, which jumps and eliminates the time zone Tory MPs outed Boris as he was ‘unfit to govern’", while a third person stated: "The p***k has his name on his clock."

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    Many users commented that Jacob Rees Mogg had "more faces than a town hall clock", in reference to Rees Mogg's initial support of Truss' disastrous policies.

    Evidently proud of his weird personalized time-keeper, it's not the first time the minister has given an interview in front of his silly clock.

    In July this year, Jacob Rees-Mogg was interviewed on Sky News about the Chris Pincher scandal and yet another Tory leadership race, when the inanimate object first made an appearance, drawing ridicule and disbelief from viewers, with many Tweeting a crying-with-laughter emoji under a clip shared on Twitter.


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