Jealous tuxedo-wearing groom shoots brides friend in wedding night gone wrong

A disgruntled groom still sporting his tuxedo shot a man he believed was having an affair with his bride – and went on to wound another motorist during a violent chase through a traffic-filled road, Louisiana officials said.

Devon Jose Jones, 30, was in a traffic jam with his new wife Zenada Williams and her male friend just after the newlyweds had said their vows on Saturday night.

While stuck in the hold up, an argument broke out after Jones accused the friend of being romantically involved with Zenada, MailOnline reports.

According to investigators, the intoxicated groom reportedly pulled out a gun and the accused friend ran from the vehicle.

Police were told by witnesses that they saw an armed man in a tuxedo chasing another man between cars on a New Orleans highway, L’Observateur reports.

The furious Jones allegedly unloaded a bombardment of bullets and struck the terrified friend in his leg.

Another bullet penetrated the glass of a nearby car's window and hit a motorist in the hand.

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The bride reportedly ran towards an ambulance responding to the incident and told paramedics that her new husband was trying to kill her.

Still in her wedding dress, Williams barricaded herself inside the service vehicle while an enraged Jones tried to force himself inside, police said.

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Police who arrived on the scene said they saw Jones 'shaking and banging' on the ambulance in a struggle to get to Williams before he was arrested.

Jones has been charged with attempted second degree murder, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities, aggravated second degree battery, and two counts of aggravated damage to criminal property.

The two shooting victims are reportedly in a stable condition.

The dramatic incident forced authorities to close the interstate for ten hours while they collected evidence.

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Social media lit up with frustrated motorists who were forced to wait in the massive traffic jam.

One Facebook user said: "There is a bad accident that shut the bridge down and while the accident was being handled, someone got out of their vehicle and started approaching other vehicles and shooting innocent people sitting in their cars stuck in traffic!

"We are currently still sitting in dead stop traffic while police are trying to locate the active shooter."

Another wrote: "So supposedly there was a wreck on the spillway tonight and a just married couple still in wedding dress and tux were in the traffic and started fighting.

"So the groom gets out of the car and starts shooting other people in their cars in the traffic."

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