Joe Biden LOSES IT with CBS reporter after unscheduled probe on coronavirus and schools

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US President-elect Joe Biden lost his cool at CBS reporter Bo Erickson who asked a question on coronavirus impacting schools being open. Mr Biden was closing a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the press and photographers were being asked to leave. Mr Biden told Ms Pelosi “in my Oval Office, mi casa, you casa” before saying that was the end of the photo opportunity. 

Mr Erickson quickly used the opportunity to ask Mr Biden a question on how he plans to work with unions to ensure schools can be open.

Mr Erickson asked Mr Biden: “Mr Biden, the Covid task force said it is safe to be in class.

“Are you going to ask Unions to cooperate to bring kids back to the classroom, Sir?”

Mr Biden failed to answer the question and snapped: “Why are you the only guy who shouts questions?”

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After the incident, Mr Erickson posted the moment on his Twitter page and seen support for his actions and condemnation for the President-elect.

One Twitter user wrote: “A valid, totally calm question.

“The only shouting was their team trying to rush all media out, we need answers to both issues.”

While another agreed and said: “The guy who asked the question didn’t shout it out.

“He was very respectful to Biden, which he didn’t even answer.

“Has Biden got sensitive hearing or could he not answer the question when it was asked?”

Other social media user insisted Biden handled the situation poorly as it was a question the American population need an answer to.

One Twitter user wrote: “No questions will be taken that are unscripted, this guy is completely clueless.”

Another added: “I appreciate you trying to ascertain a simple position on a very critical issue facing all of us.

“Pathetic what the Biden team did to the full press staff in ushering them out like there was a fire in the building.

“Absolutely comical, what an incompetent person Joe Biden is.”

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