Joe Biden running mate: Who will be Biden’s running mate? All the contenders

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After eight years as Barack Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden is making his own choices about who could accompany him into the White House in 2021. The Democratic presumptive nominee has an impressive array of candidates to choose from – so who could be in the running to become America’s next Vice President?

Joe Biden has committed to having a woman running mate – and there are a plethora of talented women in the Democratic party which Mr Biden could choose from.

Shortly after clinching the Democratic nomination, Biden had targeted the beginning of August to select a running mate. On Tuesday, he said the selection will come in the first week of August.

Mr Biden did not confirm when he would be announcing who his running mate will be, but it will almost definitely come before the Democratic National Convention on August 17.

Big names like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are obvious contenders, but for UK followers there are some lesser-known candidates still in the running.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris ran against Joe Biden in the initial primaries and has long been considered a favourite to run alongside Mr Biden.

She has an impressive political CV: she served as California’s attorney general before becoming the first African American from the state to serve as a US senator.

What’s more – being a Californian is a massive advantage in the US, as it is the country’s most populous state and a key player in any election.

Her weakness is her seeming inability to commit – her critics have cited her weak support for a universal healthcare system and some other key left-wing Democratic policies.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren also ran against Mr Biden earlier on in the process, earning widespread recognition for her debating and clear understanding of liberal values.

She has an impressive background too – in 2012 she became the first woman ever to be elected for the US Senate from Massachusetts.

Putting her on the ticket would certainly help unite the party – a more left-leaning candidate than Mr Biden, she would bring considerable backing to his case.

However, Ms Warren’s selection would also mean the Democratic ticket would be made up of two white candidates in their 70s at a time when Americans are crying out for more diversity in its leadership.

Many in the Democratic party have been calling out for a woman of colour to be his running mate, given the high racial tensions in the US currently.

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Val Demings

Val Demings gained prominence last year as one of the Democrats’ impeachment managers – a group of congressmen chosen to effectively make the case for Donald Trump’s impeachment in his Senate trial.

Ms Demings, a black former police chief, would be a good pick for Mr Biden as he pledges to tackle racial inequality and enact police reform across an increasingly divided America.

Ms Demings also comes from Florida – a crucial swing state in nearly every US election in recent history.

Susan Rice

Susan Rice knows Mr Biden very well, having served alongside him in the White House.

She has a firm handle on US foreign policy, having served as Barack Obama’s national security adviser after being the US ambassador to the UN.

However, Ms Rice also lacks experience in campaigning or running for office herself.

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams first came to attention when she stood for Governor in Georgia back in 2018, although she narrowly lost out to a Republican candidate.

Since then she has maintained a national profile and has worked on grassroots voter registration drives, something absolutely key for Joe Biden if he wants to become President.

However, she has a lack of experience in senior elected positions in comparison to other candidates.

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