Joe Bidens five-point plan for Afghanistan crisis laid bare

Joe Biden slammed for having 'no idea' about Taliban

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US President Joe Biden addressed the public yesterday in his first official speech on Afghanistan following the Taliban’s rapid resurgence across the country. He has faced ferocious rebukes over the last few days, with some critics likening the crisis to past US failures in Suez and Saigon. Mr Biden has now outlined a five-point plan of engagement US forces will follow as they attempt to resettle the local Afghan population and assist local Americans.

Redeploy troops

President Biden has chosen to authorise a more significant US military presence in Afghanistan.

The military will deploy another 6,000 troops to the country, but temporarily.

Although this is the most significant military presence in recent years, Mr Biden said he remains committed to withdrawal.


While the US military remains in Afghanistan, it will assist anyone attempting to evacuate.

In his speech, President Biden said troops would help locals and US and allied personnel.

The military will aim to provide aid rather than fight to reclaim Afghanistan.

Secure the airfield

The Kabul airfield has featured prominently in videos coming from Afghanistan in recent days.

Footage has shown desperate Afghans attempting to board US planes out of the country, with some clinging to aircraft undercarriages.

US troops have landed to assert control over the airfield and local air traffic, giving them space to focus on evacuation.

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Allies first

Evacuation has and continues to prioritise Americans first, with initial rescue efforts deployed to remove diplomats from the roof of the US embassy.

The country’s decades-long Afghan presence means US personnel have long embedded themselves there.

Once the military has a handle on the US and its allies, it will help vulnerable Afghans.

Operation Allies Refuge

The US wouldn’t have held Afghanistan without the help from dedicated locals.

Many of them helped provide security or translation assistance that might make them targets under Taliban rule.

Operation Allies Refuge aims to provide Afghans with a route out of the country, provided they meet predetermined eligibility criteria.

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