Kate and Williams PR gaffes show royals headed for dangerous times – expert

Concerns for the Queen's dwindling health and Prince William and Kate's recent blunders are leading the Royal Family into "dangerous times", a royal biographer says.

Christopher Wilson claims the monarchy faces an uphill battle to remain as head of state following "several awkward moments" as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge toured the Caribbean.

The trip was seen as a last-ditch attempt to dissuade Caribbean nations from removing the Queen as head of state, after Barbados became a republic last November.

But even before these recent events, Prince Philip's death and the loss of Princes Andrew and Harry from palace responsibilities left the Royal Family in its most vulnerable state since the 1936 abdication, Christopher argues.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, the self-described royal panjandrum added that also going against the British monarchy is "today’s social media age, where minority toxic views often out-shout the feelings of the majority".

Christopher wrote: "Our Monarchy is a treasured but ultimately fragile jewel.

"The events of the past few days have shown that all too clearly. There are widespread concerns about the Queen ’s health, while William and Kate endured several awkward moments during their Caribbean tour."

The Mirror's Russell Myers said on Saturday that a series of PR blunders in the Caribbean may have damaged their own image and the reputation of the monarchy altogether.

Russell highlighted the questionable shaking of hands with children through metal fences and riding around in an open-top Land Rover, which have been described as "tone deaf".

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Both experts agree however that responsibility for the gaffes belonged with the couple's PR team.

Christopher continued: "The couple returned home today having acquitted themselves with distinction, but the institution that they represent, and which has been such a key pillar of Britain’s national identity for centuries, has come under attack.

"The Queen represents the beating heart of the nation, yet her advanced age and increasing frailty expose just how delicate the bond is between sovereign and people."

As the monarch is thought unlikely to attend public events for the rest of the year, royal expert Christopher believes critics are "lining up to attack" the institution and have added ammunition thanks to William and Kate's latest tour.

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He added: "With Barbados so recently turning its back on the Crown and declaring itself a republic, visiting Jamaica was always going to be a gamble. With hindsight, it’s easy to see the flaws in the Caribbean tour’s planning and perception.

"Principally aired on social media but significantly, too, from the BBC’s Royal correspondent who described one event as ‘some sort of white-saviour parody.’

"Then last night came William’s dramatic statement about the future of the Commonwealth. For the millions who care about the future of the House of Windsor, these are dangerous times."

The Palace has been approached for comment.

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