Kate Middleton shares the one rule she cant break when meeting the public

Kate Middleton opened up about the one thing she can't do out in public as she attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

The Princess of Wales declined to sign autographs when she made a surprise appearance at the annual event's first-ever Chelsea Children's Picnic on Monday (May 22), where she met with 100 kids from 10 different primary schools, reports People Magazine.

But when Kate, 41, was asked to sign her name, she came up with a crafty alternative.

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"I can't write my name," said Kate, 41, "but I can draw."

Instead of giving a signature, the future queen reportedly drew a flower for a seven-year-old girl named Ruby, a tree for another girl and a pond surrounded by flowers for one of the other children in attendance.

When asked by the children why she couldn't sign her name, Kate responded: "My name's Catherine. I'm not allowed to write my signature, it's just one of those rules."

Members of the Royal Family reportedly avoid signing autographs as the risk of forgery is high, the Daily Express previously reported.

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One of the only times this rule has been breached was when King Charles, then the Prince of Wales, signed an autograph for a victim of devastating floods back in 2010, scribbling "Charles 2010" on a piece of paper.

However this is thought to have been a rare exception, and it has been reported Charles typically responds to autograph requests with: "Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that."

However the rule doesn't forbid the Firm from interacting with members of the public while out on official outings, and Kate made the most of this during her visit to the Flower Show.

The princess beamed in a stunning pink frock alongside the children for official pictures posted to the Prince and Princess of Wales' official Instagram account.

"Picnic season is upon us, and so is @the_rhs #ChelseaFlowerShow!" the snaps were captioned.

"What a lovely lunchtime spent with the next generation of nature-lovers, exploring the gardens and enjoying the first ever Children’s Picnic here at Chelsea."

She also took the opportunity to tell the kids about the importance of spending time in the great outdoors and said one member of her own family had been developing a green thumb.

"It's so good for our bodies and our minds," she said,

"[Prince] Louis is growing broad beans at school. You put them in a cup, and you can see the roots growing. They get big quickly like sunflowers."

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