Kelowna’s Post Modern Connection releases new single

Post Modern Connection has proven that they are not the band they introduced themselves as three years ago.

Their latest single Drowning debuts their new sound and two new members, deepening the band’s genre-defying music with violinist and keyboardist Mitch Howanyk and Cam Wilks on the drums.

“We (Georges Nasrallah and Tega Ovie] are like the free form and they (Howanyk and Wilks) are very structured so it mixes well,” said frontman Ovie.

“Cam, our new drummer, is incredible, he studied jazz drums and his ability to play certain time signatures just blows me away.”

Although it wasn’t planned, the fresh single is fitting for the times when many people are overwhelmed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the news cycle.

“(It’s about) drowning in thoughts, staring blankly and just feeling overwhelmed in life,” said Nasrallah, lead guitar.

Turning to their fans, the band crowdfunded $1,500 to produce the latest release.

“It shows that people want this and we are definitely willing to give,” said Nasrallah.

“They (fans) want to see you go far and it’s crazy and we feel super appreciative of all that,” said Ovie.

Their colourful music video starring a couple in a dream-like state created by an Okanagan team led by Teaghan McGinnis takes the meaning of the song to the extreme.

“Every time she gets lost loses herself and doing something overboard, Marcelle who is the guy is always there to pull her out of it,” said Ovie.

With their summer tour dates cancelled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Post Modern Connection is now focusing their energy towards producing their first EP for more information about the band visit

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