Kirkwood warns 50mm of rain expected as heavy downpours to hit UK

Weather: Heavy thundery showers and strong gusts to hit UK

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The BBC weatherwoman forecasted Northern Lights sightings under clear skies in Scotland as she warned that some regions of the country will be experiencing freezing fog and dense fog. Ms Kirkwood also warned of gusty windy weather and thundery conditions as rainfall could be as much as 50mm in Northern Ireland. The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings across the UK for rain, wind and ice.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It is a cold start to the day if you haven’t yet ventured out in fact at the moment it looks like the lowest temperature has been in Altnahara and Kinbrace in Scotland.

“Minus five, so needless to say, as John said, there is a frost around.

“But there is also some fog to watch out for this morning.

“Now we have some sightings in Scotland of the Northern Lights under clear skies, hence the low temperatures.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Because of the clearer skies, but fog across eastern Scotland and Northern east England, in particular, is freezing fog.

“And it’s dense, so bear that in mind if you’re just heading out.

“We’ve also got wet and windy, conditions coming in from the West and the southwest.

“Giving you an idea of the kind of gusts we’re looking at, at the moment.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “We’ve got Devon, we’ve got the Isles of Scilly, we’ve got Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Channel Islands.

“So gusty winds already, and we’re looking at gales or severe gales particularly so across parts of South Wales, and southwestern approaches into the English Channel.

“Accompanying that we’ve got all this heavy rain moving in through the course of the night.

“It’s going to be pushing Northwards and Eastwards through the course of the day.

Ms Kirkwood added: “If anything we’ll see some large rainfall totals, especially so across Northern Ireland where we could have as much as 50mm in the hills 2inches.

“That moves Northwards, so an icy start across the far northeast, to watch out for.

“But for much of Scotland and parts of Northern England, it will remain dry for a large chunk of the day.

“And on the other side of this band of rain, we’re looking at a mixture of bright spells sunshine and showers, but some of the showers could be thundery and don’t forget the wind.”

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