Legendary adult film star embroiled in LAs most gruesome unsolved murder case

John Holmes was one of the world's most prolific adult film performers, appearing in at least 573 films in the 1970s and 80s.

The X-rated star was best known for his exceptionally large penis, which was estimated to be around 10 to 11 inches long – but in 1981 his reputation was darkened when he became embroiled in something much more sinister.

Holmes was accused of killing four members of a notorious drug gang in LA on July 1, 1981, after getting involved with a botched drug raid.

The incident – which soon became infamous as the Wonderland Murders – saw four people involved in the Wonderland Gang killed with blunt-forced trauma injuries, with one survivor of the attack.

It has since gone down in US folklore as one of LA's most gruesome unsolved murders.

The victims were identified as Ron Launius, Billy Deverell, and Joy Miller, along with the girlfriend of an accomplice, Barbara Richardson.

Only Launius' wife, Susan Launius, survived.

Holmes was arrested in Florida on December 4, 1981, by former LAPD homicide detectives Frank Tomlinson and Tom Lange -who later gained fame for his involvement in the O. J. Simpson murder case in 1995.

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Officers believed he was linked to the crime as a year prior to the incident a mutual friend had introduced Holmes to Chris Coxx, who owned the Odyssey nightclub.

Coxx then introduced Holmes to Eddie Nash, a drug dealer who owned several Hollywood nightclubs.

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The porn star frequently sold drugs for the Wonderland Gang but ended up in hot water with the other members in early 1981 after using more than his share of the substances.

He allegedly told the other about a large stash of drugs, money and jewellery Nash had in his house and helped to set up an armed robbery committed on the morning of June 29, 1981.

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Although Holmes wasn't present at the robbery, Nash knew he had played a part in it and was out to seek revenge – leading to the murder on July 1.

Holmes was allegedly at the scene when the murders took place as forensic investigators found his palm prints on one of the victim's headboards – though, it was not a bloody one.

Holmes was questioned but was released due to lack of evidence after he refused to cooperate with the investigation.

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In 1982, he was extradited and charged with committing all four murders.

However, following a three-week trial, he was acquitted of all charges except committing contempt of court and was sentenced to 111 days in jail.

The pornstar died due to complications from AIDS in 1988.

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