Little girl suffers nasty burns to her tongue after sucking on sour lollies

A distressed mother shared a horrifying picture of her daughter’s severely wounded tongue from sucking on a sour lolly, in a bid to warn other parents.

Nikki Jurcuts, a former paramedic and child-safety educator who runs a social media page dedicated to her expertise, received a text message along with a photo from a mother, whose little girl was captured sticking her blistered tongue out while shedding tears.

The mum had sent Nikki the shocking picture, in a bid to warn other parents against letting their children try acidic lollipops.

Her daughter, who was pictured crying, had reportedly helped herself to some of her older brother’s sour candies.

Consequently, her mouth was severely burnt and was left with a blister on her tongue that had burst open.

She wrote the following text message, which has been screenshot and shared on Nikki’s Instagram page: "I just wanted to share a story to make it aware to other parents.

"Yesterday my daughter got into my son’s warhead lollies.

"They are super sour and acidic.

"She came to me screaming my tongue is sore.

"They had burnt her tongue, she was beside herself.

"We spoke to a Dr and got advice on what to do.

"She is ok thankfully but I was so worried when I saw what they had done to her.

"It was super scary."

Nikki, who reshared the mum’s photo on behalf of the family, explained that "sour lollies are acidic and can cause terrible burns to little ones".

The child-safety expert who is also a mum-of-two advised parents that sour lollipops, such as warheads, should actually be introduced "after five years of age and with caution".

Her warning was uploaded to Tiny Hearts Education, an Instagram page with 160,000 followers dedicated to Nikki's expertise and helping parents "empowering them to save their child".

The post, which was uploaded two days ago, has already been liked by nearly 4,700 people.

"Omg that poor baby!!" one mum commented.

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