Locals disgusted as desperate Beyoncé revellers use front gardens as a toilet

A recent Beyoncé performance in Edinburgh, Scotland has left one homeowner furious after fans of the singer used her property as a toilet.

The hotly anticipated Murrayfield show was muddied by one person using the garden of a resident to do their business, with the homeowner taking to social media to report the disgusting claim.

Living just a short walk from the stadium has its benefits, but one middle-aged Beyoncé fan let herself onto the property and began urinating in front of the window before the Renaissance World Tour kicked off in Scotland.

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An unnamed resident has since said they were "disgusted" by the urinating fan, which led to an attempt at keeping their garden gate "barricaded", EdinburghLive reported.

The alleged urinator "didn't even apologise" to the aggrieved homeowner, who was left furiously watching someone pee away on their bushes.

Speaking to EdinburghLive, the unnamed resident said: "It must have been around 6.30pm. I closed my gate as that sort of thing is known to happen in the area and when I looked out my living room window that lady was there.

"I thought 'are you joking?' I went round to the front door and asked said 'sorry what are you doing?'

"She didn't even apologise and just ignored us. I said can you get out the garden but she just stood and kept peeing. I was actually disgusted."

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Over 60,000 fans made the trip to Edinburgh's Murrayfield stadium, although it would appear one of them could not hold it in until they got to the stadium.

The unnamed resident has since said it is "scary at the end of the day" as Beyoncé's fan seemingly went against the message of hit track, I Care.

Now "dreading" another gig at the stadium, the resident added: "It is scary at the end of the day, just having someone let themselves into your garden. Imagine it was an old person or someone who is vulnerable.

"The woman in our garden did appear to be drunk but looked like she was in her late 50s so you would think she knows better."

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