Long-time head of Jeffco health department Mark Johnson to step down after 30 years

Long-time head of Jefferson County Public Health, Dr. Mark B. Johnson, will step down from his position on Oct. 2 and assume the presidency of the Colorado Medical Society.

Johnson has served as the executive director of Jefferson County Public Health since 1990. He was originally set to retire from the department in early 2020 but stayed on after the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

He will serve one year as president-elect of the Colorado Medical Society until his presidency officially begins in September 2021.

Johnson helped write and pass the Colorado Public Health Act in 2008, which helps ensure core public health services are provided effectively and equally to everyone in the state. He also helped establish the Colorado School of Public Health.

The county has begun recruiting a new executive director to lead the department. In the meantime, the department will be led by four division directors.

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